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Among others used by these great events and games...

Games & Event Management Software For Any Industry

We understand the diversity of industries and have built a system so flexible that it can be tailored to fit any event in any sector.


Our software can handle sport events and games like no other. Actually this was the industry we began in.


Because you only pay for what you use is perfect for associations and non-profit organisations.


Fairs, big meetings and conferences - you name it, we support it at favourable pricing.


We handle everything from high school sport events to university job fairs without a problem.


The public sectors strict cost management is exactly what makes a perfect fit.


We look at festivals as events with a twist of craziness - and we love to handle that as well. Event Calendar

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September 2017

Summer Debrief and Fall Startup - Focusing on Accreditation

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Future Events

2017 October 2

2017 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships

Montreal will welcome the world’s best gymnasts for the first time in 32 years!

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2018 July 29

2018 World Masters Ultimate Club Championships

TheWFDF is bringing the 2018 World Masters Ultimate Club Championships to Winnipeg!

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Lorne Lasuita Saskatchewan Games

We were able to use it as a "total package" with the registration module, accreditation system, volunteer handling and the website result system. It is all engaged into one single solution with multiple outcomes. It makes it easy for us when we only have to deal with one system.

Different staff members fill in data and later results. To see the outcome from this on the webpage, result boards and in the hands of the volunteers makes everybody becoming totally engaged - and that is the most fulfilling.

Lorne Lasuita Saskatchewan Games