2016 Arctic Winter Games

From March 6-11, 2016, over 2000 athletes from participating delegations representing Alaska, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Nunavik, Northern Alberta, Sapmi, Yamal and Greenland, descended on the Greenlandic capital of Nuuk for the world’s largest multi-sport/cultural event for young people of the Arctic. AWG celebrates a mixture of mainstream sports and cultural games while presenting a unique opportunity to celebrate social interaction and cultural diversity through sport and social participation. the 2016AWGs represented an amazing celebration of Arctic sport and culture!

Featured Modules

  • Workforce Management
  • Participant Management
  • Guest Management
  • Technical Officials Management
  • Game Administration
  • Accreditation Module
  • Accommodation Module
  • Medical Module

Event Info

  • Client | Arctic Winter Games
  • Date | 3/6/2016
  • Category | Durchgeführte Veranstaltungen
  • Place | Nuuk, Greenland
  • URL | awg2016.gems.pro

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