Our Customers Love GEMS.pro

It is an honour to work closely with our customers. Here is what they have to say about GEMS.pro...

We were able to use it as a "total package" with the registration module, accreditation system, volunteer handling and the website result system. It is all contained into one single solution with multiple outcomes. It makes it easy for us when we only have to deal with one system.

Different staff members enter data and later results. Seeing the outcome from this available immediately on the public pages where everybody can become totally engaged - that is the most fulfilling.

Lorne Lasuita - Saskatchewan Games Council

We started with GEMS.pro in 2010 - and will definitely recommend it.

One of the biggest things is how user oriented they are in terms of understanding our needs with regards to developement and end user education.

Once you are working with them, it is a continuous partnership.

Patrick Kirby - Sport Manitoba

I wish they would have something this easy at the many other sporting events I have been to.

If you are in a situation where you do not have time to be trained it does not matter because GEMS.pro is so easy.

Peter,  2011 Canada Games Volunteer

I have had absolutely no training in GEMS.pro and still I am working with it. It is very easy and intuitive to understand. Just plug in the results and it solves everything for you.

It is so easy you could train a monkey to do it.

Mike Course, 2011 Canada Games Volunteer

We started off using GEMS.pro in 2010 with the basic registration, accreditation and results packages. As the Games have gone on, we started using the volunteer workforce scheduling, medical and surveys. There have been new developments with online consent and payment which has made a huge difference in our ability to run our program. Working with the gems.pro team is easy. 

They assist whenever you ask which is especially helpful during the busy times.  GEMS.pro is the whole package! Each Games there are new advances which makes using the system easier and easier every Games. It is very user friendly and anyone can use it.