Privacy Policy Statement


KIMIK iT and the Team are committed to ensuring that your data is stored in a private, confidential, and secure manner.

The privacy policy statement (Privacy Policy) applies to any instance of and all other websites that KIMIK iT operates on behalf of any given Host Society using the software.

This Privacy Policy is intended to provide you with notice of our information management practices, including the information gathered, how it is used and safeguarded, and the degree to which you may control the maintenance and sharing of your information.

Terms of Use

Secure Connection

All web pages that contain sensitive information and/or require logon are accessed through a secure encrypted connection (SSL). The Host Society can request any additional pages to be accessed through Microsoft SSL.

Data Security

KIMIK iT and the Team adhere to strict administrative, technical, and procedural measures to protect your data. Your data can only be accessed by accredited employees of KIMIK iT and authorized representatives from the Host Society.

All registration profiles in are password protected. Information can only be accessed by individuals with assigned privileges controlled by the Host Society. Each user is assigned a set of roles by the Host Society to identify what pages and information should be accessible to that particular user. At any given point in time the Host Society can instantaneously revoke or revise a user’s assigned roles.

Server Security

All information in is hosted on servers located at KIMIK iT’s headquarters or it’s server park located in Aarhus, Denmark. All servers are physically protected and monitored by a surveillance system and under lock and key with restricted physical access. All servers are placed behind a double set of firewalls and configured according to state of the art best practices and principles of “Defense in Depth”.

Data Collected

Data fields in are determined by the Host Society and are used to collect information about games time participants, volunteers, guests, and technical officials. Not all registration types collect the same data sets, but the collects information that falls into the following categories:

Data Collection Purposes

The data sets collected in are for the Host Society use for the management of individuals registering to be a part of a set of games in some capacity. collects and the Host Society uses personal data related to you, as permitted to:

Disclosure of Information

The Host Society is considered the formal licensee of the individual system instance and by definition therefore the owner, and hence the sole and only party that can grant access to the registered data under any form and/or circumstance.

Any disclosure hereof under any form and/or circumstance is considered to be at the discretion/responsibility of the owner of the specific data (i.e., the Host Society or parent organization).

In the unlikely event KIMIK iT should ever be approached by any third party including but not limited to governmental agencies with a request for information on or to extract specific data, such request will immediately be directed to the Host Society as the formal owner - and hence no information nor data can or will be revealed by KIMIK iT unless specifically so requested by the Host Society in writing.

When the Host Society seizes to exist, it is necessary to maintain the data information. The Host Society typically transfers ownership of the information to a parent organization. E.g. 2014 Arctic Winter Games Host Society can transfer ownership of the information stored about their Games to the Arctic Winter Games International Committee.

Data Hosting Term will retain your data for the length of time as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes as identified above. data hosting to a website will continue as per the term and duration identified by the data owner.

Individuals who have data stored in an instance of and are wishing to remove themselves from the public content and/or database can contact the respective Host Society or the parent organization.

Session Cookies

Cookies are files that are sent to your browser from a website’s server. The cookie does not contain personally identifiable information. To improve performance, uses session cookies when you visit the website. Your Internet browser stores the session cookie on your computer's hard drive and this is accessed by upon you next visit.

By using’s software you are consenting to the use of cookies. You can always choose to reject cookies at any time by changing your browser settings (if your browser permits). You should be aware that certain features are only available through the use of cookies and if you choose not to accept cookies, such features may not be available to you. uses session cookies to register your preferred browser settings (e.g., language preference) and Google Analytic cookies to provide analytics on website statistics. If your browser is set up to avoid cookies will still function but you will use the default settings every time you enter the systems.

Google Analytics uses Google Analytics to collect statistical information about how webpages are viewed and used. Google Analytics uses a cookie to gather aggregate data on website visits and duration, page clicks, keyword searches, page links, and search engine types. The statistics produced in Google Analytics are not used to track your internet usage with other webpages outside

Google reCAPTCHA

This website has implemented the Invisible reCAPTCHA and your use of the Invisible reCAPTCHA is subject to the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


To contact regarding the “” registered software; please submit a request to the Team.

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