2016 Power Smart Manitoba Summer Games

The 2016 Power Smart Manitoba Games were held in Steinbach August 7th-13th. The games are often an athlete's first multi-sport Games experience and they help to identify athletes who have the potential to advance to higher levels of competition, such as National Competitions, the Canada and Western Canada Games, Paralympics or Olympics. Welcoming more than 1800 amateur athletes from 12 sporting disciplines, Steinbach engaged the community to welcome participants and guests from 8 competing regions of Manitoba. The GEMS.pro Team worked closely with Sport Manitoba and the host community as they prepared for another big event fueled by athletic passion and sporting excellence.

Featured Modules

  • Workforce Management
  • Participant Management
  • Guest Management
  • Technical Officials Management
  • Game Administration
  • Accreditation Module
  • Accommodation Module
  • Medical Module

Event Info

  • Client | Sport Manitoba
  • Date | 8/7/2016
  • Category | Durchgeführte Veranstaltungen
  • Place | Steinbach, Canada
  • URL | mg2016.gems.pro

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