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We’re Part of Your Team – Start to Finish!

First and foremost - if you are having technical difficulties with your instance of, we are there to support and fix it! support is typically defined in the service agreement that we have established with your organisation. If you are the liaison of your organisation, upon initial discussions and system setup, you will be provided with a list of the Team representatives who will provide support when needed.

If you are confused about who to contact, please use one of the blue buttons to the right to send the team a message, or just use the contactform on our Contact page.

This is Your System – A Customized Solution! is a flexible and customizable set of standard solutions specifically built for managing of games and event hosting. As no two organizations are completely alike and organizational needs will vary, customizing is typically outlined in our service agreement as to how many customization and consultancy hours are to be allocated to the games.

We provide support to your customization requests. This includes whatever service we have provided on your behalf, be it custom coding, file uploads, or specific setup installation.

Ad hoc customization or additional consultancy that is not defined in the service agreement but is required will be billed to the requesting party.

What can you expect from support?

  • Should you require us to host system training sessions, we will provide training based on the number of pre-paid hours consultancy allocated to your games.
  • Questions about known issues or frequently asked questions, will be answered swiftly.
  • Sometimes a discussion is needed on a given subject.
  • Our response time is swift during office hours, depending on how busy the team is with running ongoing games and etc.

Remote Support

The Team uses third party software like Skype and TeamViewer to support and demo the system. Skype is used for communication and Teamviewer to present the system, or to remotely control your computer if needed.

By providing Remote Support we can help anytime and anywhere, and the Team can show you a given solution model and or run tests, where both user and supporter can simultaneously see what happens on the screen.


Click here to download and run the full TeamViewer App, for Remote Support and Online Meetings

Click here to join a remote control session, using Teamviewer QS

Click here to join an online meeting, using Teamviewer QJ

If you are a MAC user, please click here to find the relevant version of TeamViewer

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