2006 Arctic Winter Games

The systems were used for the 2006 Arctic Winter Games on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, USA, where they supported the administration of 3,000 volunteers and 1900 participants competing in 20 different sports. The Arctic Winter Games Host Society expressed that the systems have been a tremendous help in their organizing the games. Bill Popp, Revenue Development Chairman said: Life would have been chaotic without the KIMIK iT GEMS-application to keep track of the huge amount of data produced and used during the games.

Featured Modules:

  • Workforce Management
  • Participant Management
  • Guest Management
  • Accommodation
  • Accreditation
  • Game Administration
  • Medical

    Event Info

    • Client | Arctic WInter Games
    • Date | 5/4/2006
    • Category | Past Events
    • Place | Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

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