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Take advantage of user knowledge sharing from 20+ years of experience... User Conference (GPUC) - A virtual "Wine and Cheese"

The Team would like to provide Games peers with a virtual “Wine and Cheese” opportunity to openly discuss their Games planning phases involving

The goal of the forum is to facilitate knowledge transfer in a synergistic meeting between games peer, each at similar phases in their event planning.

Meet Us on The Social Media is active on the main social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter), and we use them proactively in our services towards the community.

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GPUC Calendar

2023 May 26

May 2023

A strong community of partners!

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2022 December 16

December 2022

A time to connect, discuss system enhancements, and hear from partners on the status of their games!

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2021 February 26

February 2021

Connecting with partners to discuss the current state of hosting !

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2020 October 9

GPUC October 2020

Coffee Talk session - Partner updates and review of recent enhancements

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2020 April 24

April 2020

Coffee Talk Friday

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2019 May 24

May 2019

In this session we are talking about upcoming Games and and the Top 3 development backlog items.

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2019 January 25

January 2019

With 2019 off to a great start, we want to connect with the community to talk about whats new !

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2018 May 4

May the 4th GPUC

Star Wars Day inspired User Community Session

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2017 December 15

December 2017

Holiday Edition of GPUC!

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2017 September 22

September 2017

Summer Debrief and Fall Startup - Focusing on Accreditation

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2017 April 21

April 2017

All about scheduling!

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2016 June 3

June 2016

Summer time connection session!

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2015 September 25

September 2015

Summer debrief and fall start up!

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2015 February 25

February 2015

Games time open house!

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2014 October 31

October 2014

Taking the scare out of managing your workforce!

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2014 May 2

May 2014

All about Debrief!

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2013 December 13

December 2013

Holiday Edition of GPUC!

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2013 September 18

September 2013

Fall edition of the User Community

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2013 April 5

April 2013

A Virtual Wine and Cheese!

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