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2017, April 21st - Self-Scheduling GPUC Session

April 21st 2017, we will host our User Conference. It is an opportunity to network and learn from some of leaders in the Games and Event Management world. As always, the idea behind the GPUC’s are to offer a free-flowing exchange of ideas on whatever subjects matter the most.

The core topic of this session is the Workforce Management Self-Scheduling function. A new tool specifically designed to alleviate some of the common volunteer scheduling challenges. Make volunteer scheduling a more simplified process by pushing the scheduling workload out to the volunteers themselves!

We would like to thank everyone involved for participating in the upcoming GPUC session, and for contributing in the overall transfer of knowledge, which is a vital part of the experience and the cornerstone of the community and the GPUC's as a whole.

We look forward to hook up with the community, our partners and users, for another memorable and rewarding GPUC, to focus on even more transfer of knowledge.

Best regards the team is active on the main social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter), and we use them proactively in our services towards the community. User Community (GPUC) - Partners working together

The Team would like to provide Games peers with a virtual “Wine and Cheese” opportunity to openly discuss their Games planning phases involving The goal of the forum is to facilitate knowledge transfer in a synergistic meeting between games peer, each at similar phases in their event planning.

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