September 2015

September 25th, 2015 we hosted a debrief/Startup edition of the User Conferences. Wrapping up two major games – The Pacific Games and The Western Canada Summer Games, we had the privilege of bringing together the key contacts from these games to discuss how things went and what happens next. It’s a great time to recollect and debrief as well as plan for the next cycle leading into Games and Events in the 2016 season. We will answer questions, talk about hosting challenges and discuss timelines. As always, the idea behind the GPUC’s are to offer a free-flowing exchange of ideas on whatever subjects matter the most to you, our valued partner. Any topic is up for discussion!

We would like to thank the community, our partners and users, for another memorable and rewarding GPUC, and the very valuable transfer of knowledge the GPUCs deliver.

Best regards - the Team

Event Info

  • Client | Community
  • Date | 9/25/2015
  • Category | Durchgeführte Veranstaltungen
  • Place | Skype and Team Viewer

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