June 2016

June 3rd, 2016 we invite the community to participate in the summer edition of the GEMS.pro User Conferences. With 2016 well underway, it was a perfect time to connect and talk about the upcoming Games and Events. The GEMS.pro Team is pleased to announce and discuss the new features that have recently been launched in the system. Join us for an opportunity to network and learn from some of leaders in the Games and Event Management world.

We have a few new partners joining the call, so as always, the idea behind the GPUC’s are to offer a free-flowing exchange of ideas on whatever subjects matter the most. Any topic is up for discussion!


  • Games Updates and Planning Stages

  • New features in GEMS.pro

We would like to thank the GEMS.pro community, our partners and users, for another memorable and rewarding GPUC, and the very valuable transfer of knowledge the GPUCs deliver.

Best regards - the GEMS.pro team

Event Info

  • Client | GEMS.pro Community
  • Date | 6/3/2016
  • Category | Past Events
  • Place | Skype and Team Viewer

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