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  • How do you handle personal data security?
    • handles data in a secure and responsible manner in accordance with international standards of security. provides a framework for online registration of personal information in an electronic database system that fully complies with the guiding principles of municipal and federal legislation e.g., PIPEDA (and the Privacy Commissioner of Canada).
  • Where do you host our data?
    • All data is hosted in Denmark on secure servers.


  • How do I go about obtaining a quote to use for my upcoming set of games or event?
    • Click on one of the blue buttons to the right, or go to the Contact page and fill out the contactform.
  • I don’t need to register guests attending my event; do I need to pay for this module even though I will not use it?
    • You only pay for what you need and nothing more. The system is tailored to suit every client’s exact hosting needs.

Games Time (Information for system users)

  • Who do I contact, if I have a system problem/error during my games or events?
    • You should contact the team members that you have worked with when setting up your games.
    • If you don’t have contact information for the team, talk to the delegation user in your organisation.

Technical (General Requirements / Specifics)

  • What do I need to run
    • All you need is a computer with browser and a fully functioning internet connection
  • Do I need to install any plugins for my browser like JAVA or others like it?
    • No, does not rely on any third party plugins to function; the only thing we recommend you keep updated is your browser.
  • Can I use any browser for
    • Yes, you can, but we recommend that you use fully updated versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari (Mac users). For Internet Explorer we recommend using versions 8 and above, as lower versions are not fully supported.
  • Does support mobile devices?
    • Any mobile device will be able to run through a compliant browser.
  • Browsers best supported
    • Internet Explorer
    • Google chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Safari

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