The story behind

KIMIK iT & the beginning

The core team behind KIMIK iT has been working together for more than 20 years developing and supporting mission critical administrative and logistical software systems for government, local authorities, and public healthcare in Greenland. The basis for was first laid out in 2001 when KIMIK iT took on the challenge of developing a professional set of administrative and logistical solutions for the Arctic Winter Games 2002 Host Society in Nuuk, Greenland.

No time like the present

Since then, has been dynamically enhanced and developed, taking advantage of the latest technology and experience gained by providing the solution to a variety of clients.

Partners in sports & games has been chosen as the overall games enabling solution adopted by the Canada Games Council, the Arctic Winter Games International Committee, The Western Canada Summer Games, The Saskatchewan Games Council, and Sport Manitoba; handling everything from pre-games volunteer registration to post-games results.

Moving forward

The team is continuously working on improving and expanding the system, as well as being involved with consultancy and special requests for all of our upcoming events. Go to our references page, to see an updated list of previous games as well as upcoming events.

May the force be with you

KIMIK iT is committed to continuing the development of its Games and Event Management Systems and to providing customers with a complete set of professional systems that have already proven themselves to suit the needs of a number of major multi-venue, multi- language, multi-sport assignments in Canada, USA, and Europe handling up to 35,000 participants and 7,500 volunteers and serving a daily average of 500,000 web pages to 40,000 Internet users.

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